Tuesday, 14 March 2017

How Men Can Avoid Prostate Problems

THE PROSTATE - What You Should Know 

The prostate is a small walnut-sized gland which is found at the neck of the bladder in males. It secrets most of the fluid that makes up the semen. This fluid is alkaline and very rich in zinc.
The prostate surrounds the urethra - the tube which carries both urine and semen out of the penis.
Despite the vital role it plays as part of the male reproductive anatomy, the prostate is very much a fragile organ that can be affected by several conditions when neglected. There are 3 conditions that can affect the prostate;
  • Prostatitis: This is simply an inflammation of the prostate. This usually found in young men under 40 years old
  • Benign Hypertrophy of the Prostate (BHP): This is very common in men from age 45 years and occurs due to natural enlargement  as you age
  • Prostate Cancer: This is the most common cancer in non-smoking men.
There are usually  little or no symptoms with BHP and  Prostate cancer. Symptoms are mostly due to irritation resulting from the compression of neighboring organs. Symptoms may include urinary problems (frequent urination, blood in urine, sensation of bladder not completely empty after urinating etc) , painful ejaculation, even sexual impotence etc.

Caring for the prostate should be a health priority for all men given the serious health problems that result from an enlarged and infected prostate. With age, the prostate naturally increases in size but this process can be slowed down by consuming high quality nutrients which are essential for maintaining a healthy prostate. These nutrients include; Zinc, vitamin A, Selenium, Maca etc.

I strongly recommend the following natural products:
  • Aloe Berry Nectar which will help detoxify the urinary system because it contains Aloe Vera, cranberry and apple juice
  • Vitolize men
  • Multi- Maca 
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For more information on how to improve and maintain a healthy prostate, watch the videos below (English and French versions).

                                                                                                            Prostate Health - English Video

                                                                                                             Prostate Health - French Video

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